I’ve always liked antique and/or vintage military memorabilia.  Not guns and such, but metals and ribbons, antique engravings of soldiers, dress uniforms and nutcrackers.

My father was in the Marines and served in Korea.  His uniform always seemed so beautifully detailed and I loved the shiny buttons on it as a child.  While the moths ultimately got the better of his dress uniform, I still have the buttons.

Recently I discovered a blog site that inspired me to write about my interest.  Hollister Hovey, which I found thanks to Jennings & Gates:  Notes from a Virginia Country House (it was on their blog roll that led me to Hollister Hovey).

via Hollister Hovey

via Hollister Hovey blog

Growing up my family went to see most of the popular war-themed movies and Bridge Over the River Kwai, The Great Escape and Patton were favorites.  I still love the theme music from Bridge Over the River Kwai!

photo Bettmann/Corbis  Sir Alec Guinness; Bridge Over the River Kwai, 1957

George C. Scott; Patton

Disney’s Babes in Toyland was another favorite movie with soldiers, albeit “toy” soldiers.  I was/am a huge Disney movie fan and as a young adult I worked at Disneyland, which only served to reinforce my fondness of their movies (and meeting my husband while working there certainly sealed the deal).

via Hollister Hovey

Later the Nutcracker ballet became a favorite story.   As a family we read Nutcracker, E.T.A Hoffman’s 1816 story as translated by Ralph Manheim and illustrated by Maurice Sendak  during the month of December.  I collect nutcrackers.

photo Alliance HB Verlag/Johann Scheibner

I married a special services retired officer and his patriotism and respect for the uniform has perpetuated my fondness for the discipline and decorum associated with the military.

via New York Public Library

High Point, via Velvet & Linenvia Velvet & Linen, Highpoint

Having lived through the Viet Nam era of the draft and having 2 sons I can honestly say, I was happy they had the option of serving (they did not serve).

My first trip abroad was to London with my husband in 1985…who doesn’t love the military uniforms of that country?  For a short time Kevin (son #2) collected British, metal, toy soldiers.  I’ve seen collections of toy soldiers that are impressive and add to the decor of a room.

photo by Duncan Hannah


photo by Duncan Hanna


There have been some wonderful rooms designed by Charles Faudree with Napoleonic themes and I’ve always liked the Ralph Lauren rooms that reflect a bit of military with the accents or crests.

Elle Decor

via Southern Accents

via Hollister Hovey

There’s even a blog site where the author clearly has a passion for a famous military figure…

My Napoleon Obsession

What do you think?  Do any of your share my interest in military memorabilia or crests?  Does your family have a crest?