During the holidays most of us have occasion to dress the dining room table with all of the beauteous crystal, silver and china we own.  Truly, this time of year any time you set the table, no matter whether its with glass, pottery and stainless or the above, you can make it feel jolly by adding flower or seasonal clippings.

image via Better Homes and Gardens

image via BHG

image via BHG

Better Homes and Gardens had some really great ideas this week.  If you would like to see more visit HERE.

We can go from the sublime (all a matter of personal taste) to the ridiculous!  I’m happy somewhere in the middle.  I like things on the dining table to be a little bit dressed up during this season but I can’t go to over the top without feeling like I’m straying from my own style.

Martha Stewart centerpiece, Christmas

This is one of Martha Stewart's early centerpieces and I've always loved it. I've used it with white carnations as well as white roses (the vase is filled with real cranberries).

If you’d like to see more of Martha’s ideas for the holidays visit HERE.

image via Martha Stewart

The stark contrast of the white and red (above) is stunning.

image unknown

The above is so simple and greens can be free if you a) have a pine tree somewhere where cutting a few branches won’t get you arrested or b) the big box stores as well as tree lots will often give you the clippings (bottom branches) from their trees.

Carolyne Roehm, new book, coverimage via Carolyne Roehm

If you’d like to see Carolyne’s website and read more about her new book visit HERE.

Some believe less is more while others believe that where Christmas is concerned there’s never too much! I’ll leave that up to you, but do take the time (and that’s the challenge, the whole time thing) to set your table for friends and family with some festive items.

Roger’s Gardens had a great centerpiece I plan to copy for my own table.  I like the natural greens and sparkle of it.

image via my friend Debbie

image unknown

Wouldn’t a fireplace in the dining room cozy things up?  This table is dressed to the nines!

image unknown

How simple, green and red apple slices around a bowl of flowers.  It doesn’t have to be complicated!

image Elle Decor

I love to decorate the kitchen table, sometimes unexpected but so festive.

I’d love to hear what you’re doing this Christmas with your dining tables.