Garden, Home and Party: Guest Room

I promised to share more of our home with you so…walk this way.  I have shared this room before, it was in my post about finally having a blue and white room, thanks to a major remodel my friends Carol and Barry completed a couple of years ago.  During their remodel, they bought a king size bed to replace the queen in their guest room.  The custom blue and white linens were offered and I was like a kid at Christmas with joy.

The walls are painted Brown Tepee, Behr. {they look like there’s more green to them than in person}  My painter talked me into eggshell finish and I’m not thrilled with the glossy look of it.  I understand from a few friends that know more about design trends than me, that eggshell is the preferred finish on walls now.  Share your thoughts on this with me, I’m curious.  Is it just me?  Am I the only person that doesn’t care for eggshell finish?

Garden, Home and Party: Guest room tour

The blue and white toile is so pretty and Carol had a round table covered with a cloth of this fabric, so I was able to upholster the little French chair you’ll see below.  The framed prints are from a family art book which I posted about HERE.

Garden, Home and Party: tour, guest room

I know you will understand when I say almost everything in our home has a story and a memory attached to it.  This little French chair was in the back room of an antique warehouse I used to frequent with my friend Carla, back before I was working 40 hours a week.  It was dusty and the seat was missing, but as Carla pointed out, it had great detailing and because I had a store credit from a return, I bought it.  It’s very sweet and works well in our guest room.  A place for our guests to sit and put their socks on.

Garden, Home and Party: home tour, guest room

The same goes for this nightstand…it came from one of my favorite antique stores in San Clemente, Stanford Court Antiques.  It’s one of those places where there are many different stalls but the owners are very particular and the stalls are staged and very appealing.

Garden, Home and Party: home tour, guest room

This mirror started in our guest bathroom years ago.  When we remodeled the bathroom I decided a mirror in this room could come in handy so we hung it where it can reflect light from the window on the other side of the room and I hung a few of my favorite blue and white transferware plates {which were part of the generous gift of blue and white goodies from Carol and Barry}

Garden, Home and Party: home tour, guest room

On this side of the bed is a repurposed Pottery Barn lamp from Mr. B’s year long job in Northern California.  I always liked the lamp and with a new shade, it works in the room.

Garden, Home and Party: home tour, guest room

This French nightstand  used to have feet that elevated it, don’t hate me, but I had them removed because I like the height better for the bed.  The chair is Ikea, I personalized it for our granddaughter’s visits.

Garden, Home and Party: home tour, guest bedroom

The Beatrix Potter books were well-used during our son’s years of a story before bed nightly.  The Van Gogh print was brought back from the Museé d’ Orsay by our youngest son, Kevin, on his trip to Paris during his spring break his senior year of college.  It’s “Siesta” and seems appropriate for the guest bedroom, right?

Garden, Home and Party: home tour, guest room

I hope you’ve enjoyed Tour II of Bethany House.  I’ll work on another room in the not too distant future.

Enjoy your week and as always, thank you for stopping by, you’re the best.