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For those of you who follow my blog, {thank you}, you may remember we have 3 pets in our home.  A 15-year old cat, Maggie {the senior pet}, and our two shelter-rescued dogs, Winnie, age 8 and Madison, age 3.  Maggie is a black and white cat, whose grandmother was a Scottish Fold (their ears fold forward).  Maggie’s ears do not fold but our vet says her ears are shorter and she suspected before I told her that Maggie had Scottish Fold in her genes.  Winnie is our giant bear of a dog.  The shelter labeled her “part terrier” when we adopted her.  They also told us she was full-grown when we acquired her petite 30 pounds of puppy!  She now weighs 78 lbs. and still considers herself a lap dog.  Our baby, Madison, is a Border Terrier/Jack Russel Terrier mix.  She has calmed quite a bit but when we first adopted her she was more a terror than terrier!  We love her and she definitely entertains us with her antics.

 If you have a cat you know they sleep where they want…Maggie decided hubby’s briefcase was just the right size for her.

Winnie truly thinks she’s a lap dog.  She puts her 2 front paws on your lap and longs for the days when she could get up with all fours!

Laundry day is one of Madison’s favorites…when the warm laundry is thrown on the bed for folding she assumes that’s her invitation to snuggle in.

Our atrium is a favorite with the pets during warm days of spring and summer.

During the time our sons were growing up {they are now adults} we had a bevy of pets with, at one time, six in all:  Mackenzie, a Scottish terrier; Woody, a Cairn terrier; Skittles, a calico cat; Thomas, a desert tortoise; Lucy, a Dutch bunny and Goldie, a gold fish won at a carnival).

We used to have a wire haired German pointer mix.  Reilly looked very much like this sweetie.

This resembles our Scotty,  Mackenzie.

There are books on the topic of pets/dogs in the home.  Living with Dogs is my all time favorite and I blogged about it last year.

The cottage in this image, as well as the West Highland Terrier, all contribute to my vision of the ideal accessory for a home. {smile}

My husband teases me saying I only buy or adopt pets that look good with the décor.  There may be some truth to that but the bottom line is…in my book they are one of the best home accessories.

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel has become a fixture in so many homes.  I confess, I love they way they look as well as their sweet dispositions.

Our entire family loves animals and we always said yes, when youngest son, Kevin, would ask to bring home or buy a pet (lizards, hamsters, mice).

Providence Ltd.

Splendid Willow

Photo by Roger Davies

Photo by Victoria Pearson


I have very dear friends that prefer not to be bothered with the work and planning (when they travel) involved in owning pets but I’m not there quite yet.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are days when I wish I didn’t have to perform the morning chores involved with providing good care for our pets.  But at the end of the day there is something so satisfying about their unconditional love and exuberant greeting when I return home from work.













Maybe this sketch by Rupert Till would suffice, or…

…one of Penelope Bianchi’s antique, stone doggies. 

So, dear readers, tell me…do you have a pet.  Could you imagine your home without?  I love your comments…tell me.

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