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Those of  us that enjoy our gardens, especially in the U.S., are still anticipating the full glory of spring.  I thought I’d provide you with a little inspiration by sharing some pretty flower arrangements for you to enjoy.  Some are simple and some are elaborate, all are beautiful [i.m.h.o].

1-tumblr fresh as a daisy gate{2}

…come along, through the magical gate that will place us squarely in spring on the other side…

2a-tumblr fresh as a...{3}

Where can I find fuchsia’s this color?

2-fresh as a daisy fuschia{4}

wouldn’t I love a hedge of hydrangea like this…

3-frsh as a daisy{5}

and ranunculus this color?

4-ranuculas fresh as a daisy{6}

5-tumblr fresh as a daisy pool{7}

Oh, how I wish I lived where lilacs would grow.

6-tumblr fresh as a daisy tray{8}

7-tumblr fresh as a daisy{9}

8-tumblr fresh as...{10}

This color (below) is one of Ina Garten’s favorites…

9-tumblr fresh as a daisy1{11}

10-tumblr fresh as a daisy3{12}

11-tumblr fresh as a daisy2{13}

12-tumblr a gift wrapped life{14}

I’m not sure what kind of bulb this is but it’s pretty even before it blooms.

13-tumblr love french bulldogs{15}

Spring’s bounty, flowering branches, pussy willow and some kind of seed pod.

14-tumblr looking for rainbows in the mirror.{16}

And for my final floral contestant…possibly a wedding prop, dancing in one direction, dining in the other.  Either way, I love the rusty old bicycle used for the flowers.

15-tumblrlooking for rainbows in the moonlight{17}

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Spring will be here (in the U.S.) any time now, in fact we’ve been teased with some warm days.  Wait for it, it will give us all a lift of spirits and a new level of energy.  ♥ Karen

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