As I mentioned a few days ago, I am planning a birthday party for a good friend.  I will host a ladies luncheon to celebrate and my first concern is to get out an invitation as soon as I can.  I have emailed the friends I hope can attend.  Now I want to send a hard copy of the particulars.  

Paper Source, a wonderful store for paper goods (duh, as the name implies), has some wonderful ideas for invitations that can easily be created and printed on the computer.  There are ideas galore and the staff at the store are not only willing to help you find items, they all have creative ideas for the design.  I should mention, if you don’t have a store near you you need not despair.  The website not only has ideas but there are “how to” videos that you can watch that will help with the creative process.

The invitation envelop I selected is what they call their ‘scallop’ envelop.  This, as you can see from my picture, has a 5″ x 5″ center with 4 scalloped sides that fold in on each other to create a flower like envelop.  A sticker holds the center folds together.  The inside center is where you place a 5″ printed paper that has the party details.  I plan on sending the invitation out about 3 weeks prior to my lunch.  I know this invitation will serve as a reminder as well as set the mood for the table setting and theme of colors and details to follow.

To be continued…