I am guilty of using some of the same adjectives to describe people, places and things (home decor) that I like or feel strongly about…such as the word “love”  (I defiantly use this word too much, wait isn’t love a verb?), warm, inviting, calming, comfortable and on and on.   One of the words that I use to describe rooms or vignettes that I like is “cozy”.

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I search for cozy and inviting all the time.  They describe best what attracts me to a room or a corner of a room.

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Great meals can fall into the whole cozy definition for me…a fall or winter stew or soup with warm crusty bread can garner the feeling of cozy.  Maybe that is why I like the fall and winter seasons.

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What does ‘cozy’ mean to me?  I think for me it means the room has a lived-in comfort, furnishings that are overstuffed, less than perfect, warm colors, accessories that display a life of the person that lives there, a history, a warm color palate, someplace you would like to sit yourself down and enjoy a welcoming cup of tea or a glass of wine and good company.

Accessories make the room for me and antique treasures, above all, invite me in, provide the interest that makes me want to sit and stay awhile…

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But above all, certain rooms or vignettes immediately make me feel like they are inviting, cozy.

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Books and sliding barn doors say cozy to me…

Content in a Cottage

I still like spring and summer descriptions…cool, fresh, breezy, carefree, comfortable (although this word works with cozy too).

Even gardens can create a feeling of comfort and cozy for me.  English cottage gardens do a great job of conjuring the feeling in me.

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What do you think of as your favorite adjective to describe a home, inside and out?  What speaks to you about homes you love?