I love the fall.  I guess I prefer cooler temperatures and have often felt I should be living in a cooler climate…my husband agrees, fortunately.  Odd, since we both grew up in Southern California and should love the sun.  In any event I gain a burst of energy during October that doesn’t usually subside until early May.

I find that the first cool night (55 degrees or so) starts me planning for cozy fires in the fireplace, soups, casseroles, comfort food and baked goods.  I also begin planning for entertaining friends and family.

One of my dear friends and fellow cooking/entertaining  enthusiasts is having a birthday this month so about 3 weeks ago I decided I wanted to host a ladies lunch in celebration of her birthday.  Since the planning is at least half the fun I began by emailing the people I wanted to invite to make sure they would be available on the proposed date.  Then I started the process of creating the invitation, menu, what dishes I would use, table linens, flowers and a little gift for each guest.

To be continued…