It’s a beautiful day in Southern California, thankfully the rain clouds have moved east and we have sunshine and blue skies.  It’s a day to relax and nibble and to that end I am preparing several new recipes, all from the Pioneer Woman site.  She is truly amazing and everything I’ve cooked from her vast array of delicious foods, has turned out to be easy and delicious.

Today I will make her Italian Drip Beef sandwich.  In California we call it a French Dip sandwich but you can pretty much call it anything you like and it will usually be delicious.  PW calls for a chuck roast, beef broth (or consomme), Pepperoncini Peppers (which I am serving on the side as opposed to cooking them with the meat) and Italian seasonings.  I am using Cavender’s all purpose Greek seasoning, something my lovely daughter-in-law introduced me to years ago.  Okay, so I’ll bet you are saying to yourself, “you aren’t really preparing PW’s recipe, you are preparing your own” and I guess that would be partially true.  But I like to give credit where credit is due—I wouldn’t have thought of preparing “Drip Sandwich” had it not been for her recipe.

Sides for this feast will include Salsa, Guacamole and Pico de Gallo from the above mentioned Pioneer Woman.  I can hardly wait.

I’m rooting for the best team to win since I like the Saints because a former USC player (Reggie Bush) is on that team and I love the fleur dis lis AND I like the Manning brothers and since I always forget which one plays for the Colts I will be happy  no matter which team wins.

Good luck and good eating on this wonderful Sunday.