Rain, rain go away, come again another day.  All the gardeners want to play outdoors!  After an incredible glimpse of what Spring will look like last weekend, we are headed for another rainy weekend this coming Saturday.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain and living in Southern California gives me an appreciation for any precipitation that might come our way.  That said, I truly wanted to continue with my clean up of the back yard this weekend.

Last Saturday I mapped out the plants I’ll need to spruce up the garden for Spring (herbs for my herb garden, Japanese boxwood’s, Iceberg roses and impatiens).  I cleaned out the secret garden and trimmed the ugly leaves off the hydrangeas.  I’ve decided to add some more Japanese boxwood’s, the poor mans hardscape, around the patio flower bed.  I had planted some Sweet Pea seeds in late fall and while they have sprouted up, they are only about 8″ tall and aren’t showing much promise.  The seeds were old and maybe that had something to do with it.  The garden experts always say you can plant them in late October if you want early blooms so I guess I’ll blame the age of the seeds on the failure.

So instead of working in the garden this weekend I think I’ll cook.  Our youngest son, 27 years, is temporarily living with us.  He will enjoy the Cinnamon Bun Pancakes from Pioneer Woman’s site.  Spring is only 4 more weeks away, I will try to be patient.

If you have any suggestions on growing Sweet Peas I’d love to hear from you.