I have a weakness for formal gardens.  I realize they aren’t for everyone, but to me they are classic and I love the orderly appearance they provide.

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Some of you may remember the formal garden I installed in our house of 35 years and while I don’t miss our old house (fond memories keep me happy), I do miss my formal garden.

When someone has a space that could use some structure and they don’t care to add hardscape to their yard, I recommend Japanese Boxwood buxus microphylla or Boxleaf Euonymus eunoymus japonicus ‘microphyllus’.  So pretty!

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Then there’s the beauty of an English garden where plants are allowed to fill in garden space and ramble a bit.  My California clients don’t often have room for this look.  We’re notorious for our postage sized lots, still there’s room in most yards for a little ramble, non-structured area of the garden.  The garden below is the yard of on of my favorite blog sites, Trouvais.  Trish may have retired her blog, but it’s still active.  If you’re interested in seeing some beautiful gardens, take a look.

Peonies, roses and lavender gardentrouvais

I’m sure you’ve heard of Velvet & Linen.  This is a kitchen garden they had in a house they owned when I first started reading their posts.  Now they live on beautiful grounds in Ojai.  You will want to visit their site and be amazed at the beauty of the home and grounds.  Inspiration is everywhere, including the charming farm animals they have.


Velvet and Linen

I love a rustic look and this outdoor dining space makes me smile.  I think the right vine can add to and patio cover, creates an inviting dining space.


Maybe I should dress the part of garden designer…garden design for homes or hats! 🙂

via S G GENEVA – my good friend Debra of 5th and State

Do you enjoy gardening?