Sometime in my mid-thirties my friends and I became aware that we (collectively and individually) all possessed Champagne tastes on beer budgets (and not the micro-brewed, good stuff).  So we found ourselves using a phrase that I have decided will be a weekly installment here at Garden, Home & Party.

I'm not sure I truly would want a house this big but maybe if I had one I would have servants and it wouldn't seem so enormous.

In working on making my blog work for me and for the one or two readers I’m aware of (thanks mom and Linda!) I thought it would be fun to post pictures that reflect dreams (wants over needs).  These “wants” may never happen and I don’t say that to garner pity—I have so many things to be thankful for.  But I thought it would be a fun way of documenting a desire that upon closer scrutiny you realize you don’t really need but man, would it be great if you had it!  And sometimes just thoughts on what life would be like if you lived somewhere else or had a job doing something else…you get it, right?

So, that said, whenever I have a burning desire or dream, I will share it—do you have a dream to share?

Photo:  Veranda Magazine

Happy Friday!