So its onward and upward…we’re on a march to cooler temperatures, warm cider, glow from a fireplace, and a general theme of cozy around our house.  Comfort foods and a recipe or two will come in a later post.

Garden, Home and Party, 10.4.12I wanted to share some ideas for the little touches you can add to your home to embrace the season…if you’re more of a flip flops, warm weather loving person, that’s okay.  I understand, sort of.

It doesn’t take much to create a feel of the season with just a bit of bounty from Mother Nature.  Pumpkins come in so many colors these days, even my orange hating friends can find a pumpkin that works for them.  But a throw draped over a chair, careful placement of a few candlesticks and/or votive candles and a few branches of turning leaves can create an inviting vignette for the season.

Garden, Home and Party, 10.4.12The pewter sugar bowl holds faux Pottery Barn acorns because there aren’t many oak trees in our neck of the woods and even if there were, the squirrels would beat me to the stash. {they look pretty real don’t they?}

During this time of year my nesting instincts take over.  I want to add a few accessories to the mix.  When spring/summer comes I’m always ready to shed the extra items that feel good from October to late February.

Garden, Home and Party, 10.4.12I placed a nest I found abandoned in our backyard in a pewter porridge bowl, the feathers were also found on a walk nearby, the quail eggs are real, but purchased from a store called Urban Gardener.

I love that so many creative people have taken the pumpkin way out of the box…this white pumpkin has been stamped with insects and other critters, appropriately creepy for Halloween.

Garden, Home and Party, 10.4.12{via}

Ralph Lauren (above) does fall better than most, love that man!

I don’t have a library like this and my dining room table wouldn’t fit in this space, but don’t you love the idea of dining in the library…especially for the cooler months.

Garden, Home and Party, 10.2.12Garden, Home and Party, 10.4.12Martha Stewart (above) always has some fantastic ideas for the season, no matter which season we’re talking about.  {I wouldn’t want to eat each meal at a picnic table, would you, but the centerpiece and the picnic benches are attractive.}

Garden, Home and Party, 10.4.12{Pottery Barn}

Garden, Home and Party, 10.4.12RL with his bold bed linens, calico print and plaid.  I’m probably too cautious to veer out of our solid sheet selection, but I admit, it looks inviting for a bed to crawl into after a blustery day.

Garden, Home and Party

Garden, Home and Party, 10.4.12{tumblr:That Inspirational Girl)

Fall and winter are nature’s way of urging us to relax, smell the cocoa and read a book.  For me that equates to some serious time in a chair, feet up, throw over legs (if it’s cool enough).


You could pack a picnic and brave the cold…

{via} Don’t you love the inviting look of this outdoor table setting?

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor fireplace, what better time to use it?

Garden, Home and Party, 10.4.12{via}

Garden, Home and Party, 10.4.12So, are  you with me {except my good friend in PA 🙂} ready to pick up a few pumpkins, throw on a turtleneck and enjoy the season at home?

I’m headed over to No Minimalist Here, she’s hosting another one of her Open House Parties.