Melissa Michaels over at The Inspired Room recently posted a great piece on decorating in your own personal style.  Read her piece HERE.  She recommends that you ignore some of the designers who publish their views that certain colors, furniture styles, room arrangements are “IN” or “OUT”.  I get it, there are trends and styles that come and go.

image via Traditional Home

I totally agree with Melissa, her wisdom on decorating one’s home the way you want brought to mind one of the “commandments” of happiness Gretchen Rubin shared on her sight the Happiness Project…to be truly happy you must be _ _ _ _ _ (fill in your name).  It seems to be overly simple in concept, but the truth is, if we can get familiar {and comfortable} with the real person you (respectively} are, the rest comes easy.

image via Coastal Living

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t question the talent or considerable knowledge of most trained design professionals but when it comes right down to it, shouldn’t your home be comfortable and inviting to YOU?!  That should be first and foremost.

Bold choices can come in many guises, paint color is one.

If you struggle with finding a direction for your home may I suggest a search of publications that can plant the seeds of design identity?  Some of us are visual learners {moi}, if we see rooms with colors and furniture styles we like it can provide great insight into our personal style.

Being K.A.R.E.N means a few horse paintings, even though I don't live on a ranch or own a horse.

There are more websites than I can begin to post links  to here, but sites like Mustard Seed Creations, Cote de Texas, Things that Inspire, paper{whites}, The Lettered Cottage, French Kissed, Holly Mathis Interiors, Centsational Girl and The Inspired Room and full of great ideas and a good place to start your search if that’s what you feel you need to determine your own personal style.

Art is a great way to reflect your style and interests.

If you are already in tune with your tastes, these sites and others can give you the inspiration to tackle that design project to continue your adventure in feathering your nest.  It may take time but you will succeed!