I have some exciting news to share!  Son #1 and his lovely wife, are expecting a baby girl in November.  This will be our first grand baby, you may know how this feels, unbelievable!

The fun part, at least for me, is that it’s a GIRL.  I get to think pink for the first time.  We have 2 sons and I loved raising boys.  They have been eye opening to an only child (moi) and perfectly delightful, although I will admit, sometimes living with 3 men (hubby made 3) I felt outnumbered.

Now I get to think about dress-up trunks, Fancy Nancy books (I hear little girls love this book!), tea parties and Little Mermaid.

You can buy this book on Amazon, which is why there is a “Look Inside” on the top.

The other fun part is that I’m already thinking of how we can carve out a little space for this grand baby and hopefully future grand babies.  I want to pull down the children books (currently stored in the attic) and set up a bookshelf with all of the books and toys I saved.  Girls don’t mind playing with trains, do they?

Image via Victoria Magazine

I can pull out the Beatrix Potter china that Son #1 used as a child.  This will be so much fun! {smile, sigh}

Image via Victoria Magazine

Now if only I can figure out a way to buy an extra house in Austin, Texas (which is where they live) or buy a plane so I can fly between California and Texas quickly and easily! {smile}

Okay, any of you readers that are grandmas, please give me a clue…I’m going to need some guidance here.