There is something a little magical about a chippy, old cupboard that sparks the imagination as to what it might hold.  Even if there’s not a biscuit for Mother Hubbard’s poor old dog.

Same goes for a glass front, antique/reclaimed wood/vintage/ reproduction cupboard, with smartly arranged items, that provides a room with additional eye candy that can peak curiosity.





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When it comes to my own home, I have a couple of antique “cupboards” in my dining room (I’m using the term loosely since I believe most would refer to my cupboards as a side board and china cupboard.  I am always excited to see a great cupboard and find myself trying to figure out where I can put one just like it in one of my already amply furnished rooms.  I usually walk away when it dawns on me that the only way there would be room for a new cupboard would be for me to do without some of the essential pieces of furniture, like sofa, bed, chest of drawers.

Sorry, unknown.  I think it was a High Point photo

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One of my friends, Gretchen, has a large piece of furniture that almost takes up an entire wall of her dining room.  It is a reproduction but truly mimics a great antique, and the best part…it houses nearly all of her various sets of dishes and serving pieces.  {we share this addiction to dishes}  I am smitten with this piece and would be thrilled to have it in my home, it just wouldn’t fit.  C’est la vie!

The cupboard below reminds me of Gretchen’s cupboard in size…the finish on Gretchen’s is a more refined, furniture finish and each cupboard row has glass front doors.

via beach bungalow8 (Emerson House)

Since I’m a collector of all patterns of dishes I think there is some practicality to this type of cupboard…I could get to my various dish patterns, depending on the season.  This cupboard (left) appears to be built into the wall.  Very space saving.

I like the display in this cupboard, there’s order and artistic appeal.

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Below, Joan of for the love of a house blog, placed this glass front cupboard in her reading room and filled it with treasures she’s collected through the years.  An interesting display always entices me and I want to know the story behind the collection.

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This cupboard is on the end of a kitchen cabinet and makes perfect sense in light of it’s contents, the glass shelves and the glass back that allows the window to shine through the cupboard.  Very clever, Martha!

via Martha Stewart

The cupboard in my kitchen does double duty as our pantry and holds a small display of silver and pewter items as well as a few favorite pieces of pottery.

Do you like cupboards?  What do you use them for in your home.

I’m off to Austin tomorrow to join Kyle (Son #1) and Jamie (daughter-in-law) in celebrating Olivia’s (granddaughter) first birthday!