From my first apartment forward I have always enjoyed finding just the right “art” for my walls.  I confess I’m not strictly a purist about what art I’m willing to frame and hang in the interest of room enhancement.  For example there was a time when I framed calendar pages from an American artist by the name of Charles Wysoki (during my American Country décor days).  I’ve also framed a menu card (it was a menu card from a wine bar in London sporting our last name as the name of the bar— we still have it on the wall in our family room).

Designer Barclay Butera had sea fern (or is that coral?) framed for his beach house—it looks amazing with the other shell items in his entry.

As I branched into a more English Cottage look, I framed hunt scenes, expensive ones and inexpensive ones, and paintings by unknown artists and antique prints or papers when the subject attracted my attention.  For me personally “art” doesn’t have to be signed, numbered or even original for me to frame it and hang it if I love it.

This is Barclay Butera’s living room and I fell in love with his sail boat painting (did I mention he has a showroom near where I live?)

I’ve noticed that over the past 5-8 years I haven’t been inclined to change my art very much, which is a money saver.  When I’ve custom framed prints it has usually cost more than the cost of the art itself.  I will say that a great framing job can make some art look better than it actually is, monetarily speaking.  Kind of the “turning a pig’s ear into silk purse” theory.

Image via Elle Decor

I use fun tack to hold my pictures in place but in this case, with California earthquakes, I think I’d be inclined to tack all of these (above) pictures—don’t want a concussion after the earth moves!

Image source unknown

I think this (above) grouping adds interest to an otherwise plain corner of the room.

Image via Rooms that Inspire

When your room is white, what better contrast than black?  I love the look of black frames against the white walls and the subway sign is so fun.

Image via Cote de Texas

The framed intaglios are appealing the way they have been framed and made more prominent by being hung on the face of the book case.  {My friend Carla has a set of framed intaglios and I love the sense of history they give her rooms}

Image via Jackye Lanham (new website HERE)

Another great use of framed intaglios, this time on a blue background with the touches of blue in the bedroom tying it all together. {sigh}

Image via Jackye Lanham

Another great Jackye Lanham room…I love the similar themed paintings she grouped in the living room of this home.

The other important facet of hanging art, in addition to a complimentary frame, is the arrangement itself.  In fact, I’ve found arrangements that were so intriguing but in fact not expensive art at all.

Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home (her entry).

Lauren hung lots of frames the exact same size and framing materials and had mats cut to accommodate different pictures.  The effect is impressive.

I love the interest this adds to the bath but I wonder if the steam from the shower might cause the pictures some damage?

Okay, I’m about to age myself…does anyone remember the “M” on the wall of the apartment of the charming Mary Tyler Moore show?  Some things just never go out of style!

So what do you like to use as art in your home?  Do you have a Renoir hanging in the parlor?