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Things that Inspire recently did a post about studies and libraries and what the technical differences are.  It was fun to read and to see the architectural detailing and furnishings that technically define each room as a den, library, study, etc.  Be sure to visit Holly’s site, you will find plenty of beauty and inspiration.

Since a study, library or den, by most definitions, would be what I describe as my favorite room in the house, I thought I’d share some rooms that I’ve recently pinned and consider cozy and inviting.

Kelly, over at Talk of the House recently shared this room, furnished with black and white checked everything.  I love this room because by using one pattern it feels like a ‘neutral’.  It’s a relaxing room because of the black and white check.

library ideaslibrary, den stylesThe above room could be considered the ‘den’ since it screams cozy to me.  The books, overstuffed sofa and Jack Russell terrier invite me in.  But, since there are bookcases, I suppose I could accept a descriptive of ‘library’ just as easily and family room or den.

The room below would qualify as a study were it not for the fact that it might be a spot within a larger room, maybe a living room.  I see an upholstered chair or sofa just to the right of the desk.  I like the wall gallery above the desk, it gives definition to the space and adds interest, don’t you think?

studyMark D. Sikes deisgnThe warm wood, antique books, hunt scene painting, fireplace and Persian rug are ingredients I consider essential components of a wonderful library and/or den.  There’s a TV so I believe this would most probably qualify as a den. (Mark D. Sikes)

The room below is a favorite because I love being able to see what’s going on outside when I’m reading or working on the computer.  The windows at ceiling level create a tree house ambiance.  I could envision a nap in the alcove, after my work is finished, of course!

library or den(Eric Taylor Photography}

Now this is a study!  I love the French doors and and built-in bookcase.

great library via Cote de Texas{source}

wonderful study{Jennings & Gates: Notes from a Virginia Country House}

library{Splendid Sass}

Splendid Willow 4.16.13{source}

Pottery Barn called this command center.  Looks efficient, doesn’t it?


A study with focus.  I know I’d probably not get very much done here…I’d be daydreaming out the window a majority of the time, but I like the simplicity of the space.

Garden, Home and Party cozy corner{source}

Another Mark D. Sikes design.  I love the beams, the book cases, the view and the fireplace…this room seems to have it all (except a television, which might be a good thing).

Mark D. Sikescozy rooms, via slim paley{source}

antique books{source}

Garden, Home and Party, reading roomDo you have a favorite cozy corner in your home?  What do you call it?