Top o’ the mornin’ to you.  Here’s a bit o’ green for your upcoming St. Patrick’s Day…

Okay, technically this cottage is in the Cotswold's...I couldn't find one nearly as charming on Google for Ireland.

You may want to dress up and paint the town red, I mean green!

I'd add the Burberry scarf just in case it's cool outside.

You'll want to take your bag, green beer isn't free.

I've never had this drink, but it's so much prettier than green beer, right?

I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland…I’ve been to England several times and just never managed to get to Ireland (bucket list #5).

Maybe you just want to keep it casual...

Hey, not that I own green UGG’s but these would be comfortable for an evening at home.

Maybe you'd rather stay home with your best friend, Reilly, the Irish Wolfhound (not to be confused with the Deerhound that just won Best of Breed at Westminster Dog Show.

Curl up by the fire with a little Irish tea...

...have a few friends over for Irish Stew

Whatever you do have a Bonnie St. Paddy’s Day!