I stumbled upon this lovely website, Blue Pool Road, [HERE] of photographer and award-winning designer (former art director for Martha Stewart, New York), Peggy Wong.   I began to wonder why some of us are minimalists of a sort who prefer clean lines and spare space and why some of us (moi) love to have stuff around us.  Is it something we are born with?  Kind of like my dish disease.  I love a variety of dishes and could buy more if it weren’t for the fact that I simply have no additional room for them.

(Above images by William Waldron via Elle Decor)

The above may not even be considered truly minimalist, but compared to what I like…you be the judge.

Since I fall into the latter description it’s easy for me to show you the rooms I love, often filled to the rafters with wonderful accessories and furniture.  Not clutter, just interesting, old items that give you a sense of history.  I can appreciate clean lines intellectually, but I find I must have my favorite accessories around me for it to truly feel like HOME.

I’ve rarely met a basket I didn’t like.

The images above and just below are vignettes arranged by one of my favorite bloggers and stylists, Jermaine of French Kissed

If there is any place in my house where I appreciate a more minimalist approach it’s within my cupboards and drawers.  I love it when a closet or drawer feels under-filled.  You are able to find things much easier and for me that provides a satisfying contentment and that makes me very happy.


I love this room and it is pretty sparse, maybe I could be more of a minimalist than I originally thought!

Just don’t take away my decorative stuff.  The plants, candles, books, antique odds and ends that I’ve scoured the dust filled antique store for, and find essential to my well-being.  {Maybe not literally, but you know what I mean if you enjoy antique accessories as much as I do}.


So tell me, be honest, are you more a minimalist or a accessories fan?