I’ve been diagnosed with “spring fever” (self-diagnosis) and as a result I find myself sitting around, staring out the window and day dreaming…

…of taking a little trip to Scotland.  I’ll use the Orient Express for an overview of the country and then stay in a few castles to round out the vacation.

Image via Atmosphere by Ingrid

Image via The Royal Scotsman, Orient Express

The Royal Scotsman (one of the Orient Express trains) offers a 2 night Highland Journey for only $3,720.  This price is per person but does include all meals and alcohol, HUGE savings there!  I’d definitely want to go with Hubby so make that $7,440.  We’d depart from Edinburgh and during our 540 miles on the train we would see Dundee, Montrose, Aberdeen, Keith, Inverness, Dalwhinnie and Perth.

Once the train portion of this dream is complete,  I’ll head north by car to Loch Ness, near Inverness for a stay at Aldourie Castle.  The region is called the “capital of the Scottish Highlands”.  We’ll look for the Loch Ness monster, visit the James Pringle Weavers operation and tour the Abrinchan Gardens.  Oh, and the price for 2 nights in this castle?  £10,500 plus VAT.  {Did I mention this little vacation will take place once I hit the lottery?  Guess I better start buying a lottery ticket!}

Next stop, Comlongon Castle, Dumfries & Galloway.  The restored Medieval Scottish Castle and Baronial Hotel specializes in a menu that is prepared with the current season’s bounty.   Lots of abbey ruins and museums to see here along with the home of Robert Burns, (Auld Lang Syne).  Cost:  £120 – £240 per night, seems a bargain!

And finally, we’ll stay our last few nights at Skibo Castle.  Andrew Carnegie, a wealthy industrialist, bought this castle in 1898 for £85,000.  Carnegie, his wife and only child spent many summers here.  Its changed hands a few times since the Carnegie family sold it in 1982.  We won’t be joining The Carnegie Club but we’ll take advantage of their policy of letting new guests stay there once while being considered for the exclusive membership!

Isn’t dreaming fun?  Any thoughts of spring floating through your head during this change of seasons?