Sunday is Hubby’s (Lyn) birthday.  Those Capricorn’s seem to always have it together and in his case, are always calm.

 source Vignette DesignEwan McGregor via 

[Trust me, I don’t read daily astrological predictions and actually BELIEVE them but there does seem to be a thread of truth to many of the characterizations made about the various birth signs, don’t you think?]

No, Lyn doesn’t look like Ewan McGregor but he is half Scottish and I thought this captured the essence of his Scottishness (is that a word, probably not)


When we met Lyn drove a BMW he had purchased in Germany and brought home with him…it was similar to this but tan in color.

 That said, there are certain rooms where design is concerned that remind me of Lyn and most of them I absolutely love…I’ve addressed my fondness for more masculine, tailored room design HERE.

 I’ve used this image before, Glen Feshie Lodge via Elle Decor some years ago.  It is truly one of my favorite rooms, mixed plaids and worn Persian rugs…if I could duplicate this room in my own home I would do it.  I realize I live in California and it may not be the ideal setting for our climate but it’s still an all time favorite…oh, and I know Lyn likes this room too!

Library of Darin Geise via

This room reflects the lodge but there is something so inviting about a great leather wing back chair with a warm wool throw close at hand and a fire in the grate of a aging brick fireplace.


Does there seem to be a recurring theme here?  As Lyn likes to remind me, “plaid is your favorite color”.


 source unknown

See, I can do bright and cheerful.  I have this house tagged as a home in Sun Valley which may explain the bright white light, reflecting the white snow, streaming through the windows.

Ralph Lauren – Fall 2011

As I’ve mentioned before, no one does ‘it’ better than Ralph Lauren for me.  The richness of his rooms gets me every time.

…more of RL – Fall 2011

I’ve always liked this desk style but wondered about its practicality…where’s a drawer to keep the unsightly stuff?

via Carol Glasser via Southern Accents (years ago)

I’ve always been drawn to this house and have kept the pages from the magazine in my files for years.  Joni at Cote de Texas called Carol Glasser’s home in Houston as a “perfect house”…I agree.   There is something inviting and warm and timeless in this room’s details.

So, back to Lyn’s birthday…he loves coffee.  He claims it stems from living in Germany where he first enjoyed truly great coffee.  During our 39 years (yes, I was a child bride) of married bliss we have owned many coffee machines and now own a drip machine and a Breville espresso maker.  I confess, he’s influenced me and I only like coffee that is full bodied and flavorful.  The kitchen below would appeal to Lyn since there is plenty of room for this restaurant sized espresso machine. 🙂

via decorpad

via decorpad

…and I’m only partially kidding when I say he’d probably be able to justify an espresso maker in the bathroom!  Fortunately, our bathroom barely has room for all of the essentials let alone such a luxury as an espresso maker.


To close, Lyn enjoys his leather…what man doesn’t right?  The above David August items are a little out of our budget but the iPad case is pretty cool.


I wish you a good weekend and a very happy birthday wish to my husband.