The Los Angeles Times newspaper featured a piece on cottage living last Saturday.  Specifically they wrote about cottages designed and built by the Moody sisters HERE.

Moody cottage, L.A. Times feature

Moody Cottage, staircase

I love the history behind the four sisters; Harriet, Mildred, Brenda and Wilma were all born in the 1890’s.

They were ahead of their time with their use of salvaged windows, doors and beams from large homes that were being torn down after the depression.  These ladies were making use of recycled parts to enhance the cottages they built long before the days of shabby chic!

Many of the historical Moody cottages are located in Montecito and Santa Barbara along the central coast of California.

It is reported that a majority of the owners love the quirky details of these small homes such as narrow staircases and landings, “built-in shelves that are set too close together for many books to stand upright”.

What’s not to love?!

The charm these homes impart is unmistakable and so they are always in high demand, few come on the market.

For more of the history and detail visit HERE.

{ all photographs by Ricardo DeAratanna, L.A. Times}