Curb appeal is important to me.  When driving around a neighborhood I am often tempted to stop in the middle of a street to view a wonderful house. (I know, its unsafe to stop dead without warning—but it can be tempting).  Sometimes it’s the landscape design or a beautiful flowering shrub or vine, or it can be the front door.  A front door can definitely stop me in my tracks.

When you think about the impact a front door can have on the overall curb appeal, and with very little investment, you wonder why more folks don’t paint their doors.  Some of the brightly painted doors below are definitely show-worthy.

We replaced our front door with a Dutch door some years ago.  We had it converted from a double-door with one side panel to a single door with two side panels.  Best investment we’ve made in our house.  Our west-facing house now captures the wonderful westerly ocean breezes that manage to waft over the range of low hills between our home and the Pacific.  We thought about painting the door and side panels red, but the door came painted and so we stuck with white.  When the time comes for a fresh coat of paint I’m painting them red, or some other tempting color.



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My door…during the winter

 What color is your front door, is it painted or stained?  Stop by, I love to hear from you.