***Just a word of caution regarding random following on Pinterest***

 Before I launch into the pretty minor topic below, I had an unsettling happening with Pinterest.  I am not the most tech-savvy computer user (due in small part to my generation) but I’m learning.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Pinterest.  I was receiving increased notices of new “followers” on my Pinterest account and for some time I just trashed the notices, but then thinking it might be like discovering new blog sites, I began to check the boards of each “new follower” to determine if I would want to follow them.  After briefly checking a person’s boards, I clicked to follow some that seemed to have similar interests as my own.  The next time I logged into my Pinterest account I was surprised to see the page filled with soft porn images of nearly nude men.  I’m not sure how this happened but I really do not have interest in creating a board on that topic!   I guess you aren’t supposed to “follow” random people…my bad.

I’ll now return you to your regularly scheduled post by Garden, Home and Party…

Here are some office/study spaces that I wouldn’t mind using as my office when I type my posts…

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I realize the title of this post must make me sound like I’m a blogging professional!  Excuse me while I laugh myself to tears…I fly by the seat of my pants even after blogging for 3+ years.  I confess, I do learn a new trick skill ever so often, but all in all I’m still worried I’ll push the wrong button, say the wrong thing or just generally mess things up.  Insecure?  No, why do you ask?

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Casey Sills

That said I need to provide just a little bit of history about my blog.  My two adult sons talked me into this, I wouldn’t have attempted blogging if it hadn’t been for them.  I do believe in keeping as current with technology as my age will permit so I agreed to jump into this pond [pond=blogging].  And I confess the water is fine.  Before I totally mix up any more metaphors, let me just say, as a creative outlet, (I work full time in the corporate setting as an Executive Assistant) it (blogging) satisfies beyond my wildest expectations.  Readers have been slow to come by but I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every sweet and supportive reader I’ve met (figuratively speaking).

David Easton

French Country Style at Home ~ Sebastian Siraudeau

House and Garden


My question to you, readers and fellow bloggers…

Elle Decor



Ward Denton Design ~ Photo: Pieter Estersohn

…when I first started blogging, anytime someone would leave a comment I would answer it with a comment in the “comments” area on my blog.  Then a friend of mine,  who is also a loyal reader and commenter mentioned that she doesn’t receive my answers via email, she goes to the post and reads them.  I was under the misconception that when I replied in the “comments” section that it would automatically send an email to the person who left the comment.

So I began answering all comments via email AND via the post itself.  All the while I noticed when posting comments on the many blogs I follow daily, I rarely heard back.  Which was okay since I know it takes time and some of these bloggers had twenty or more comments.  Now I’ve begun to think that answering via email (which appears in the notice section of my email from WordPress) is easiest…what do you think, what do you do (if you are a blogger) or prefer (if you’re a visitor)?  I just figure that if folks take the time to comment, maybe it would be nice to answer them, but is that being silly?  I’d really love to hear your thoughts.  There is no right or wrong answer.  I honestly don’t mind if folks don’t comment, I still enjoy blogging and I mostly do it to fulfill a creative need.