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I’ve commented here before about the incredible, seemingly endless, stream of beautiful homes that appear to exist on every block in Atlanta.  I would be naïve to think the city doesn’t have its share of unattractive regions within its limits, much like every other metropolitan city in the nation, but seriously, I think Atlanta got more than its fair share of strikingly beautiful homes {she whined}.  Which is code for having the good fortune to have a wealth of talented architects and designers in the region who can create the optimal home for those interested in owning one.

I was taken with the beauty of a home in the December/January 2010 issue of House Beautiful and yes, it’s an Atlanta home!

Jill Sharp Brinson, Atlanta home, House BeautifulThe home of Jill Sharp Brinson and her photographer husband, Rob Brinson, is the perfect “marriage” of farmhouse and sophisticated loft.  In the House Beautiful interview with Lisa Cregan, Jill says that she and her husband “have a love affair with rural settings” so it is no surprise that they have created a home and garden that gives the ambiance of a country farm, complete with English garden.

Jill is the Creative Director of Ballard Designs.  In the HB interview it becomes clear that Jill’s design point-of-view is a home with lots of texture, not a lot of color and a rustic and traditional-styling with a little industrial influence (which clearly over-simplifies the incredible beauty she has achieved).

The rooms are filled with natural light, and because the rooms aren’t stuffy you immediately feel like you would be so comfortable in a home like this!  The Brinson’s have 3 dogs and have stated they are  ‘hands on’ in their garden.

All of the above images by Simon Upton via House Beautiful

She and her husband lived in a loft (images below) for 6 years before moving into this home.  Jill’s photographer husband retains the loft for work and their visiting guests.

Rob Brinson said he uses the wall to display the images he's working on. I love the brick wall!

The sink was a "find" of Jill's.

Natural light floods the space.

Even the bathroom exudes a timeless sense of style.

I've always liked the rustic charm of brick walls.

To visit the website for Jill Sharp Brinson go HERE