Oh my word, is it December 4th already?  Time has evaporated for me but I’m excited for the upcoming season, just give me a minute, I’ll be ready, I promise.

Garden, Home and Party 12.4.12{tumblr ~ That Inspirational Girl}

I would have thought that by cutting my posting by half I would have hours of free time.  Well, somehow the clocks started decreasing the amount of hours in a day and I got behind…Thanksgiving, wedding…those events will do that to a person, no matter how organized they normally are, right?

Meanwhile, Christmas has been on my mind and these images from various sources prove it…

The nutcrackers are out, work is still in progress on our mantle and fresh greens are ordered.

Garden, Home and Party 12.4.12{GHP}

I’ve got some help in the kitchen with my chef nutcracker…I don’t think he’s interested in cracking any nuts but he doesn’t question any of my cooking decisions, so he stays.Garden, Home and Party 12.4.12{GHP}

Charles Faudree inspired me to wrap garlands in unexpected places.  I love this porch in his country home, with the garland-wrapped French poster. Garden, Home and Party{Charles Faudree ~ Pinterest}

Garden, Home and Party 12.4.12{Southern Accents}

I’ve seen several tiered displays online this year, I like the idea, I wonder where I could put one?

Garden, Home and Party 12.4.12{BHG}

Garden, Home and Party 12.4.12{BHG}

The simplicity of this dining table is stunning, I might try it for New Year’s Eve.  {would I have to serve white food?}

GHP 12.4.12{Party Resources}

I didn’t manage to get paper whites started, oh well, there’s always next year.  I do love this display from And George.

Garden, Home and Party 12.4.12{And George}

So, cue Bambi, let the caroling begin, make a batch of egg nog, Christmas is on the way.

Garden, Home and Party 12.4.12{tumblr ~ That Inspirational Girl}

Am I alone, are all of you already decorated, wrapped and ready?  I need a challenge, let me know, it will help me get my act in gear.

Happy December!