I’ve had birds on the brain lately. {I was going to try for a chuckle with the whole birds and brains wording, but decided against it 🙂 It might be the season  [SPRING] that has created this interest but I think it’s more likely the fact that birds seem to be found in all areas of the décor arena, and this time of year, in most backyards.

This image from an old book would make a great picture for the wall.

tumblr ~ If I Forget Thee

There are so many great toile fabrics that feature birds.


Very cool pillow, I can’t remember where I found this image but I really liked the pillow and the stripes on the wall, nice foyer.


These would be a great way to keep the garden hose off your newly planted flowers.

Smith and Hawken

I like these little finch!

Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel

Today I want to offer images of some pretty bird baths.  We have a bird bath and I’m always thrilled when I look out my kitchen window and there are actually birds bathing in it!  Needless to say, my camera is always on the other side of the house when this occurs but I will try to keep it handy this spring and summer and attempt to catch one of our feathered friends in the act.  It’s quite entertaining and always makes me smile.

This is our birdbath at Easter.  The rusty little bird welcomes any and all bathers.


This birdbath is pretty with it’s faux tree-branch base and the setting doesn’t hurt…this is the talented Penelope Bianchi’s garden/grounds.

Penelope Bianchi Blog

I would love to have birds this colorful visit my birdbath.  We have had a very bright yellow bird visit.  I should learn the names of some of Southern California’s common birds.


My friend, Carla, has the same birdbath in a slightly different finish.  My birdbath was a gift from her…hey, I’m not above being a copy cat 😉


This birdbath is spectacular.  I don’t know where it is located but I’d imagine it on the grounds of an estate in England…a girl can dream, right?


Here’s a lovely example of a three tiered bird bath/fountain planted with succulents.

Providence Ltd. Design

This little guy appears to have stuck up a conversation with the bronzed guys.


I really like this terra cotta birdbath and the ‘pennywort’ (?) they’ve planted.

The ever-talented Jermaine at French Kissed shared her bird bath planted with succulents…so pretty.

French Kissed

This bird bath is surrounded by lush green and is planted with wonderful flowers.

Tutti Chic

Do you have a bird bath or bird feeder?  Do you like birds…I know some that are frightened by them, might be the Hitchcock link.  Happy Spring.  I hope you are enjoying the season no matter what your interests.  I’d love to hear from you.

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I will also visit French Country Cottage for her Feathered Nest Friday!