If you’re anything like me you’ve got more blog sites to read and follow than you ever imagined.  Like the back-up on our DVR recorder (of TV programs),  I start feeling like the homework assignments are piling up and I’m behind.  I’m a huge fan of an article on time management written by  William Oncken Jr. and Donald L. Wass, “Management Time: Who’s Got the Monkey?” published  in Harvard Business Review in 1974*.  I can’t stand to have the monkey on my back…if I have an assignment, even one I love, i.e. gardening, reading blog sites, etc., (self-imposed or otherwise) I’m happiest once I’ve caught up with all of it.  Does that happen to you?

DilbertLately I have too many pulls on my time.  I’ve informed Mr. B that my television viewing will include fewer programs and he can start watching some of the recorded TV shows on his own.  I’ve become more discerning where my blog reading is concerned as well, but I confess, it has been more challenging than paring down my television viewing.  The reason is the producers and actors on TV aren’t my friends!  Silly?  Maybe, but when I’ve received comments from fellow bloggers, I’m so appreciative, and I immediately feel a sense of loyalty to read their posts and comment, as time permits.  If you manage a blog, you’ll understand.

tm21As time continues to evaporate, I’m attempting to be more selective with my blog-reading. I’ve noticed there are several sites that seem like a present waiting to be opened.  When I receive an email in my inbox that they have a new post waiting for me, I’m actually excited.  I can hardly wait to click over and read what’s new in their world.  So, not to minimize any of my other must-read blog sites, here is a list of some of my favorites,  they are always entertaining.  I won’t give them their due with my summary of each, but I can tell you this, you won’t be disappointed if you take the time to click over to their site.

Tone on Tone, Loi ::  I clicked a link to Tone on Tone via Velvet Linen several months ago.  Loi’s site never ceases to wow me with the beauty of his home, and the furnishings sold at their (his and Thomas’) antiques store.  He features incredible photographs of some of the homes of friends and always shares entertaining ideas and inspires his readers.  I should also add, he is generous with his time and almost always leaves thoughtful and fun comments on my blog site.

tone on tone 1Tone on Tone Antiquestone on tone5th and State, Debra :: I can’t remember where I found the link to 5th and State, but I know it was sometime around the holidays the year I discovered the talented Debra.  She has three stores in the Chicago area, is a landscape designer and leads tours through England, and still manages to post incredible pictures of her trips and ideas for landscape and outdoor space as well as some beautiful interior designs.  When I get a comment from Debra I feel like I’m hearing from a dear friend!

5th and state tulipstrip to england 5th and statechristmas house 5th and statechristmas showhouse 5th and stateFor the Love of a House, Joan :: I cannot remember where I found this site either (it should actually be considered a ticket to an ongoing class on how to transform a historic, run down house into a beautiful, warm and inviting home.  Dan and Joan are a husband and wife team that have created a fabulous home.  They both approach each project with such thoughtful creative spirit, and offer inspiring ideas.  Be sure to visit each room she has links for.  Oh, and she’s had lunch with Bunny Williams, how cool is that? Joan often provides lists of her “must haves”.  I would have to rate the items I’ve tried as 5 star tips!

for the love of a house1for the love of a house kitchenfor the love of a house reading room

Other must-read sites I’ve mentioned before:  Victoria Elizabeth Barnes, French Kissed, Adventures of Tartanscot, Design Chic, Slim Paley…I love them all!  A new blog I’m enjoying is written by my friend Whitney, her blog, Sandpaper and Silly Putty, is fresh, filled with creative ideas, and always inspires me.

You can see how this time-crunch problem developed.  So many lovely and talented bloggers, so little time!

Downton Abbey season 1 via tartanscotI don’t think Mary had these time related issues, do you?

This doesn’t mean I won’t discover new blog sites to love…its like window shopping, you sometimes find something you aren’t sure you can live without.  You can subscribe, it’s free, and you can always unsubscribe if you don’t find yourself in sync with what they’re all about.

Blogging is such a pleasurable adventure, don’t you agree?

I’m off to Austin to spend Easter with my granddaughter, oh, and her parents! See you when I return. Have a glorious Easter and may spring provide plenty of sunshine for your celebration. Karen ♥