I’ve lived long enough to realize that trends change with each decade.  This information gives me a healthy perspective when making design decisions.  But still, along comes some fabulous trend and  I can’t resist, even when deep down I’m sure in 10 years I’ll be asking myself, what was I thinking?

before…a “look” from the 70’s {I’m embarrassed to say, the pattern on the drapes and walls once adorned one of our first sofas.  Our adult children saw a picture of the room with that particular sofa a few years ago and said, that can’t be our sofa!}  I don’t think we had it very long, we were tired of it after a few years.

My home is mostly traditional but personal tastes in color and appointments come into play and I’m  a huge fan of decorating with what you love and what brings you comfort and joy.  I largely ignore the designers that dismiss some of my favorite accessories and or color selections as being “so last year”.

House Beautiful ~ remember the trend towards chintz, it’s back and I must say I’ve seen some beautiful, modern day versions.  I believe my chintz days are over but beautiful floral patterns still stop me in my tracks.

Then there are those rooms you’ll come upon that were designed several decades before and you are immediately smitten, you cannot believe the rooms/house were decorated  that long ago.

Alessandra Branca ~ the Asian influence, calming neutrals and touches of red create a timeless look.

Better Homes and GardensBetter Homes & Gardens ~ stone floors, classic urns with boxwood, and the trumeau mirror create a timeless look, don’t you agree?

Elle DecorBunny Williams ~ Elle Decor

I wonder if we will one day say, this room (above) would be timeless if it weren’t for the sea grass/sisal rug.  I love the look, but you know how this can go.

Charles Faudree ~ CF is a favorite designer of mine.  I realize his rooms may be too busy for some, but they hold great appeal for me and I am always referring to his books for inspiration for my own home.

Today, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the rooms we all remember and a few that I believe may go down as timeless, classic and as all-time favorites!

Charlotte Moss ~ this image is from one of my all-time favorite books, “Winter House”

…more images from Winter House

Charlotte Moss

Some of the trends that have been declared by a few designers or shelter magazine contributers as “over” for this decade are oil rubbed bronze hardware (guilty as charged, I have it in my master bathroom and converted most of the interior door knobs to it in early 2001).  I still like it but confess, it hasn’t worn as well as I’d like.  Stainless steel appliances, sorry, I still love my Viking stove.  Granite [really?]… how can granite be dated, it’s been around before man! Vessel sinks in bathrooms.  I confess, I’ve admired them for others but due to space restrictions have felt they would take up too much space in our two bathrooms.  These are but a few of the items I’ve read about and trust me when I say, I take features on this topic with a grain of salt.

Dan Carithers ~ another favorite whose timeless rooms always thrill me.

John Saladino ~ when the idea for timeless design first popped into my mind, John Saladino is who I thought of; in my view his work epitomizes “timeless”.

The ever timeless and classic Phoebe Howard

Isn’t blue and white the very meaning of classic? Image via Splendid Sass

Anyway, do you feel you are living with a trend that may be on it’s way out, at least as far as you’re concerned?  Or, do you go forward with confidence that if you love it, you can live with it and be happy?!  Me too!

Ken Gemes Interiors

House and Garden ~ Whitney Fairchild (above/below)

So tell me your thoughts, are you more apt to follow your heart where design is concerned, or follow the trends?  I love hearing from you.