Most of my friends, at least the ones that are passionate about their homes and gardens, occasionally need change.  It doesn’t always mean the furniture, paint, landscape or whatever is damaged or broken, it boils down to simply wanting something different.

That may be the case in the tale I’m about to share about how I was gifted a beautiful concrete garden bench.  The story goes like this, my friend Carla [I’ve featured her amazing garden and home HERE and HERE] has a “secret garden”. The round of boxwood encircling her armillary had gotten a little large for the space.  Casually mentioning this to her husband Tom, a brick layer was hired and a beautiful Lutyens teak bench was purchased for the space within a short time.  {We should all be so lucky to have husbands that WANT to re-do something the moment it’s mentioned}.  The downside of this was the beautiful concrete bench that had been there for years; always a focal point to the garden, no longer had a home.  There wasn’t room for it.

There is always a silver lining to my stories…Carla, knowing my love of concrete garden items, offered the bench to me.  I was delirious with joy.  But I tempered my joy knowing Carla had some misgivings about the change.

garden benchThe bench is happy in my garden, but I think the lions look a little sad, they miss Carla’s pretty space. 🙂

As a result of the concrete bench, I was able to move the teak bench that had been in this spot over to my secret garden…

I visited Carla’s new secret garden and took some pictures, it looks amazing and I believe she is content so I can share the lovely concrete bench with you as it stands in my garden…all is good in the garden.

…as it looked before the switch…{Carla, avert your eyes}

Pippi, their Welsh Corgi, approves of the new garden space.

…and as a bonus, I’ve thrown in some additional images of some beautiful benches in gardens.

fresh as a daisy, tumblr{via}



Hope you have time to relax in the garden this summer.



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