Since its summer, any and all outdoor projects suddenly butt their way to the front of the “do me” line.  A few years back we added stack stone to the front of our house.  The homes in our area were built in 1968, part of a large tract of Eichler- influenced designed houses.  Joseph Eichler homes are known for their flat roof lines, sliding doors and atriums.  We had 5 aluminum sliding doors in our 3-bedroom home when we purchased.  I confess, while I’ve thought of the architectural style with dismay [I’m truly more of a cape cod cottage gal] I will say, the open floor plan and atrium are two of my favorite features about our home.

It’s hard to tell from this image but the grass starts just in front of the walkway and extends to the sidewalk in front of our house.  People that park curbside have to walk through the grass or go around to the driveway and catch up with the walkway there.

But I digress…so when we added the stack stone it was with the thought that at some point down the line we’d add a path, through the front lawn, to the front door.  I began doing some research on possible pathway ideas and styles and thought I’d share some of the images I’ve saved for your viewing pleasure.  The ball was started rolling due in part to a brilliant post by Debra over at 5th and State.  If you’ve never visited her site you should, I believe you will find lots to love.  Her post, “Down the Garden Path” inspired me to think seriously about what I want in a walkway that brings visitors to our door.

The following 6 images are from 5th and State:

I like the detailing on the stone just before the step in this image.  I also love the door surround…so pretty.

I like the natural beauty of stone set in sand with moss growing around each stone.

I believe these brick shaped stones are set in sand with pea gravel around them…don’t you love the army of iron rabbits standing at attention for all who pass?

Is it the manor house or the stone pathway that attracts in this image, or maybe the lone peacock? 

This looks like a back yard but still, isn’t it pretty.  I love the pea gravel idea, probably not practical with grass just beyond.

The blocks of concrete in grass holds some appeal, I wonder if it’s difficult to mow around the stones?

I gained some additional inspiration and  ideas Better Homes and Gardens.com  If you want some pretty sound ideas and ‘how to’ information, BHG.com is there to deliver.  I really enjoyed viewing the various paths they offer.

The following 9 images are via Better Homes and Gardens:

This is a similar concept to the idea above.  The concrete pieces are larger but I like the blending of the grass and the concrete.

I really like the mixture of concrete squares with interspersed polished pebbles.

This looks like a combination of brick and cobblestones…very pretty, especially when it’s set in sand.

Pea gravel and stones may not be practical for the front yard at my house.

This particular path appears to be a wide assortment of different stones and concrete.  I kind of like it, what  do you think?

This is pretty too, the stones look like they’ve been here for a long time, adorned with moss as they are.

again, another backyard, but the stone in gravel is sure pretty and reflects a casual, comfortable lifestyle.

Do you have a path to your front door?  What kinds of stones/pebbles do you like best?

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