As the Academy Awards committee has declared its nominations for this year’s “best of” I thought it would be fun to take a look at trophies as a decorative accessory…this isn’t too much of a stretch, is it?

Gold Trophy

Trophies were few and far between in my youth.  I was on my high school swim team but at my public school awards consisted of paper certificates or ribbons over an actual trophy.  I don’t remember any of my friends having lots of trophies so I’m surmising that in my region of Southern California they were not readily handed out.

2a-and george 11.9.11 trophy{and George}

3-CIMG2838The trophy on the left (above) was the first trophy I purchased.  A close up…

2-CIMG2839It wasn’t until I was married that, while antique shopping, a vintage trophy caught my eye.  I believe it was planted with blooming paper whites, which is undoubtedly what attracted me.  I brought it home and didn’t buy another trophy until I found a little pewter dog show award on eBay (below).

CIMG2843Above and below is the pewter dog-award cup I found on eBay.


Today I have a few trophies that I’ve collected along the way and continue to admire some of the displays I’ve found on the internet.  I lean toward the vintage silver toned beauties, but it’s the odd “Gala Award” or the small silver tray-award I bought while visiting Cambridge given by “RMAS Athletics Team” that steal my heart.

5-CIMG28411-antique-silver-trophy-vase roses6-courtney adams design via brittany dunning via pinterest{Pinterest}



8-kate nelson via mr. goodwill hunting via pinterest{Pinterest}

9-lori miller vintage design via pinterest{Lori Miller Vintage Design via Pinterest)

6-trophy best KBThe above trophy is my latest find, the little plaque on the base says,”The Old Bucket of Blood, Virginia City, 1876″

10-diana browning via urban farmgirl via pinterest{source}

11-katelyn di giulio via urnban farmgirl via pinterest{Pinterest}

12-miss mustard seed via pinterest{Miss Mustard Seed}

13-PH02{The Polohouse}

14-paris hotel boutique, acquired ojbects 11.19.12{Paris Hotel Boutique via Acquired Objects}

15-Mess-Agoura 00116-Mess-Agoura 087{A Beautiful Mess}

17-martha stewart collecting via pinterest{Pinterest}

18-trophy haus design 1.5.13{Haus Design}

19-trophyCAT antique farmhouse{Antique Farmhouse}

First, do you have any vintage/antique trophies?  Second, which movie gets your vote as “Best Picture”?