Happy October 1st, how is it possible that we are steam rolling towards the end of the year already?!  O.k. folks, let’s all slow down and take time to sip some warm apple cider with a cinnamon stick, put a fire in the fireplace and/or simply curl up with a good book/Kindle and enjoy the cool days of Autumn.  Let’s start a pact that says Thanksgiving, let alone Halloween, come first.  Christmas is at the end of December!

When we moved into our house in 1982 it showed promise but you really had to use your imagination to see it.  The kitchen had harvest gold Formica, unfinished aluminum steel windows [way past their prime, if they ever had a prime], and a dark linoleum on the floor.  The cabinets were a dark wood(?) that had seen better days. (Sorry, I haven’t found any before pictures, I try to keep unpleasant memories at bay).

The band-aid cure was to replace the cabinet fronts and paint the new doors and cabinet base white, knowing we’d remodel someday.  We added a bay window and found a very inexpensive tile guy to tile the counters.  [You get what you pay for, but that’s a story for another post] These fixes made a vast improvement and I loved our white kitchen. Like most of you, I dreamed of my “perfect” kitchen based on a file full of ripped pages from magazines, ideas galore, but I was patient for the right timing [read: funds].

In 2003 we met with a friend who happened to be a designer.  She drew up plans for our dream kitchen and when it came to cabinet color, Mr. B. said he really wanted stained cabinets.  His reasoning was we had lived with white cabinets for 20+ years and he felt we would appreciate a change.  Every other detail in the kitchen had been pretty much my choice, so I agreed.

While I love our kitchen, even after 11 years, I miss a white kitchen.  So the file (Pinterest) is filled with images of white kitchens.  I don’t expect to remodel the existing kitchen since it’s really held up well…yes, the granite may date our kitchen, apart from that all is well.  Still, I think to myself, what if we downsize?  There might be one more kitchen in our future.

You can see, we actually use our kitchen.  Why did I take a picture with a pan on the stove?!  Real life, I guess.

Garden, Home and Party: kitchens, light or dark

Our granite ages our kitchen a bit, but I don’t hate it.  I remember when we had tile and that seemed classic to me at the time, much like the consensus on granite when we installed it.

Garden, Home and Party: kitchens, light or dark

Garden, Home and Party: kitchens, dark or light

Garden, Home and Party: kitchens, dark or light

Garden, Home and Party: kitchens, dark or light

Garden, Home and Party: kitchens, dark or light

My question to you, my dear blog friends, is if and when I were to do a white kitchen, would I use dark counter tops or light?  

Here are a few of my favorites…both sides of the argument (dark counter tops vs. light) are featured.  There are no wrong answers.  Let me know what your thoughts/experience has been…

I like the creamy white of these cabinets, the dark trim on the windows and dark counter top is very pretty.  Contrast is a good thing for me.  I also like pops of black.  As you can see above, our kitchen pantry was built to look like a piece of furniture and is painted a satin black with some slight distressing on the edges.

Garden, Home and Party: kitchens, dark or light

Yvonne, over at StoneGable Farm, has a lovely kitchen and accompanying  her white cabinets are dark counter tops. Such a great look.

Garden, Home and Party: kitchens, light or dark counters

I love this kitchen, from the pendant lights to the subway tile over the stove, it’s easy for me to imagine this as my future kitchen.  The counters appear to be a warm beige color with a butcher block island top. Hmm, more to think about.

Garden, Home and Party: kitchens, dark and light

My favorite cookbook writer and food.tv star, Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, in her “barn” kitchen.  This was built on her property in the Hamptons expressly for filming her television show.  White cabinets, black counter tops.  A pattern of interest seems to be developing…
Garden, Home and Party: kitchens, light vs. dark

An all-time favorite kitchen from Traditional Home magazine.  White on white, with dark hardware and steel windows.

Garden, Home and Party: kitchens, light vs. dark counters


This is one of my favorite houses online.  Joan of for the love of a house has soapstone counter tops and white cabinets.  Visit here to see more of this incredible kitchen.

Garden, Home and Party: kitchens, light vs. dark counters

Another favorite, Alison over at The Polohouse has a beautiful kitchen.  I remember her telling readers that the island is a piece of furniture she found (or was given, I can’t remember which) in any case, it’s a wonderful kitchen.

Garden, Home and Party: kitchen, dark vs. light counters

This Randy Boyd kitchen is exactly the look I’m after, contrast, charm, and a great stove.

Garden, Home and Party: kitchen counters, dark vs light

 Do you like white kitchens?  There are so many options and each one can pull me towards something different.  This is an exercise, just visualizing in my mind what I might enjoy if change were required. You understand, right?