Hi there! Happy Wednesday.

As a testament to the wonderful reviews on the web of Dear Carolina, I had lots of comments this past week.  I promise we were fair and impartial with the drawing.  {Not to sound overly cheap, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay Rafflecopter $13 for one drawing; if I hosted giveaways with regularity I’m sure I’d feel differently}  The winner is:

Sheila, of My Kentucky Living  Congratulations!  Send me your mailing address (you can find my email at the top of the header on my blog page ‘CONTACT US’) and I’ll send you the book.

Garden, Home and Party: Must read Dear Carolina

Now on to a bit of personal business.  I’m taking a little break.  There’s been a health setback for Mr. B.  Nothing we can’t handle, it will just involve surgery and some recovery time and I want to be sure I’m focused on getting him back in the saddle, so to speak.

Garden, Home and Party: Winner and Newsbreak

Earl of Eglinton and Winton

I’m going to my happy place with positive thoughts, battling stress and worry.  I hope you won’t forget me, and that you’ll revisit in a month or so once we’re back to the new normal.

Garden, Home and Party: Winner and newsbreak

Garden, Home and Party: Winner and newsbreak

Meanwhile, I read a useful article on “40 Little Things in Daily Life that Bring Us True Happiness”.

Garden, Home and Party: winner and newsbreak

See you in a bit.  Keep my place in line, okay? 🙂