For as long as I can remember I’ve loved perusing magazines and books on the topic of interior design/decorating (I’ve been told there’s a difference; I think some RULES are involved with design).

This room looks comfortable and inviting for an afternoon of reading.

With the inevitable continuation (yes, there was a time I thought, “surely magazines and newspapers will always be around”) of digital media I’ve pondered, “Can a self-proclaimed home decorating enthusiast ever find happiness with digital magazines and books?”  I confess the answer for me is a resounding NO, with some qualification.

Reading about room design is such an escape for me.  I have often said that feathering my nest is my artistic outlet, my hobby and my passion.  I know from reading my favorite blog sites and design books that I am not alone in this.  In fact some of my closest friends share this passion.  So with the loss of magazines such as Southern Accents, Cottage Living and House & Garden, I felt the blow.   I kept it to myself for fear that most would wonder what was wrong with me—after all, they are only magazines!

I love the ease of viewing images of rooms by the hundreds (thousands even) from all over the world on the World Wide Web, with just the click of a mouse.  That said, spending hours in front of my computer fails to give me the same enjoyment as curling up in a favorite reading chair with a stack of magazines or design books and a cup of tea, or glass of wine if it’s after 5 p.m. is pure bliss!

I don't own an iPad but I've heard they are wonderful.

The Analog Sherpa, a site that features news and opinion on the rapidly changing marketing/advertising world recently had a thought-provoking piece on this topic.  While THIS article focuses on newspapers, it’s a trend that seems destined to take down some of the publications I cherish.

I’ve visited Nesting Newbies, a digital magazine that has gotten lots of recognition since its first issue late last year.  And don’t get me wrong, the magazine is very attractive and has a lot to offer readers, including some wonderful recipes, BUT at the end of the day I want to wind down instead of boot up for a visit to a favorite magazine.

This toile-covered ladderback chair and ottoman has given me hours of comfort while reading.

I am an optimist by birth and choose to believe there will be new shelter magazines to replace the ones shuttered and that IF they all go away I’ll get used to sitting in that comfy chair with my iPad (which means I’d have to purchase one) and be eagerly flipping pages of my favorite digital magazine.  I’d love to have you talk me down on this—what do you think?  Will you be okay with digital media?

Is it me? Am I trying to hold on to a archaic ritual?