I’ve talked about angels in the garden and thought I’d share a few bird tales, for good measure.

John James Audubon Birds of America, Birds in the garden

{John James Audubon}

We mostly avoid pesticides of any kind in our yard and are rewarded with plenty of bird sightings.  We’ve had brightly colored birds, and even enjoyed a wren family that moved into a bird house in the garden.  They returned later that same year and raised a second family.  Unfortunately the post that held their home rotted and we’ve not replaced it, so we haven’t seen them lately.  There are several birds that use our bath facilities and we thoroughly enjoy seeing them nibbling unwanted insects off the roses.

Unfortunately we have crows hanging around the neighborhood as well, none in our back yard but they definitely perch on the light post in front of our house.  My only objection to them is their predatory habits where baby birds are concerned.

The hummingbirds are plentiful and mainly enjoy the lavender, Penstemon and Lakeview Jasmine tree we have in the knot garden.

{The Angelonia attracts hummingbirds}

As I’ve mentioned before, I really don’t want to get too heavy handed with the garden art as our yard is really compact and Hubby has commented he doesn’t want our home to start resembling the cliché for “old” folk’s homes.  But a little metal bird here and there sort of makes up for the brevity of the visits we experience with the real thing.

As I was looking at plant lists that attract birds it turns out, quite by accident, that we have several plants that naturally entice birds into the garden.  Here is a very partial list:  Oakleaf hydrangea, privet ‘ligustrom’, gaura, columbine, boxwood and lots of trees.

Birds in the garden{This variety of lavender, ‘goodwin creek’ attracts hummingbirds and butterflies}

Birds in the Garden{The Lakeview Jasmine tree is in the upper right corner of this photograph, it’s hard to see due to the espaliered star jasmine}

I particularly enjoy rusty birds…

We may be shopping for new digs for our little wren family, what do you think of these?



{Songbird House}

Does your yard attract birds?  I know some of you live in regions that probably have such amazing birds.  Maybe I need to get some binoculars and a book on birds!

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