Keeping with my ‘divide and conquer’ theme in the garden, over Memorial Day weekend (I know, I’m a little behind with posting this) I worked on a stretch of my garden that had become overgrown and needed some serious help.  I had an azalea that had seen better days (I’ve heard that asaleas can stop producing because of the alkaline soil conditions prevalent in certain areas of Southern California).  In any event, I decided it was time to put the plant in the compost pile (our city collects our greens, I assume they are used for a good cause such as compost).  I purchased 2 5-gallon ‘Alaska’ white azaleas to plant in place of the struggling azalea.  During my renovation of the area I divided 2 large Lady Ferns athyrium filix-femina and replanted them in places in the garden that needed a little green.  My final clean up included moving a wronght iron ‘astro lab’ I had purchased some years ago in Rosorito Beach, Mexico, to a more prominent spot in the garden.  I planted a Clerodendrum Thompsonae (Bleeding Heart Vine) within the stucture so that it can use the iron frame of the astro lab to climb on.  The garden is beginning to take shape and although I have much more to do, the finished areas provide incentive to keep working.  I hope you are having fun in the garden.  P.S.  Maggie, our 12 year old cat supervises most of my work.