New Year

New Year

I’ve been absent from my website for some time—no excuse really except that I felt I was so busy with work, holiday planning and life I had little left to give to my site.

My husband, youngest son and I visited our oldest son and his wife in their new hometown of Austin, Texas for Christmas.  If you’ve never been there I highly recommend it.  For a novice foodie it’s like a visit to Disneyland for a child, or the child in all of us.  There are so many unique and original places to eat, not to mention the unbelievable Central Market and Whole Foods.

Our son and daughter-in-law had mapped out an incredible list of restaurants, cafes and quick serve places for us to try, which included Torchy’s Tacos Olivia’s and South Congress Cafe.  I can’t begin to tell you which was my favorite since I loved them all.

I came home committed to making more of an effort to share my experiences with all aspects of GH&P with my site—I’d say “with all of you” but I’m convinced there are so many sites to visit and so little time that probably no one, other than my mom, reads my postings.  Thank you mom!

So heres to New Year ‘commitments’ and the belief that it’s fun to share all things related to good food, a warm and cozy home and a relaxing garden.

Happy 2010, may it bring good things to all of us.