Hubby and I have been married a very long time.   I consider this a good thing and sometimes scary the way we will inadvertently dress alike without seeing the color shirt/blouse the other one is putting on; or thinking we’re hungry for the exact same thing once one of us has mentioned a menu option.

An example of our being in sync occurred recently and I thought I’d share the story with you…am I desperate for post ideas, or what?

A few weeks back I posted about a new storage container I was fond of…this was a surprise to me because I had fought the notion of having storage containers cluttering up my ever so small pantry for years.  Anyway, I blogged about the OXO pop storage container HERE in part because I like to share information with my readers on products that are all they are advertised to be and then some, I’m generous that way.

Hubby read the post, which in and of itself pleases me no end.  I can’t tell you how sweet I think it is that he takes time out of his busy day to read my ramblings, but I digress.

So, along comes Mother’s Day and he tells me he has a gift for me.  I had asked that he give me my usual hand-picked pound of See’s candy and that was more than enough.  Alas, he had my requested See’s and a large box which contains a set of OXO pop-up storage containers.  I was a little concerned at first that our smallish pantry wouldn’t be able to accommodate the set but low and behold, we managed.  Thank you sweetie, for being such a thoughtful guy.

This is the best (IMHO) and I keep my list of favorite specifics.

To that end I thought I’d blog about some other items on my wish list…hey this just might work!

Our back yard is in desperate need of new grass…specifically Marathon sod, with sprinklers.  We have never put sprinklers in the back yard and have gotten by without them up until now.  We sometimes travel in the warmer months and it would be wonderful to have auto timer sprinklers taking care of business while we’re gone.

Our guest bathroom is a fright.  When we purchased the house 29 years ago the previous owner had installed chocolate brown Kohler tub, toilet and sink.  Some time about 15 years ago the brown, much like a black car, showed every scratch and scrape that it had endured and we had a company come and coat the tub and sink with white enamel.  We replaced the toilet.  This lasted us until about 2 years ago…the coating has begun to chip…we now have a tub that resembles the Gateway computer box (except it’s brown and white) and the sink is brown (since the coating came off in nearly one piece there).

Finally, our patio set is from Costco and is made from “tropical hardwood” which is meant to look like teak and mostly does.  It has grayed with age (something I like) and is well designed.  Here is the catch, the chairs weigh a ton and will not slide on the concrete.  No matter what we try, including fancy “guaranteed to slide” feet.  So when we entertain al fresco we must warn our guests to move the chair in a certain way lest the chair collapse on them.  *I forgot to mention the chairs have a couple of settings and can fold.  So I would like to replace them with the Kooboo chair from Cost Plus.  You can read about them in detail (and compare them to the Pottery Barn chair) HERE.

So, just in case we hit the lottery and you are looking for gift ideas, honey, here you go. {giggle}