Sometimes I think to myself, “Self, why are you trying to blog while working full time, taking care of your home (I don’t employ a housekeeper) and tending to the garden (I do have a gardener that mows and edges our grass)?!”

But then I remember how I got started—our oldest son happened to be present when one of my good friends ask for advice regarding her garden.  (As mentioned previously, I used to have my own gardening business).  During our drive home son #1 said, “Mom, why don’t you let me create a website for you where you could blog about the things you love?”  He knows I’ve always been happiest when I’m working on projects for our garden, our home and/or planning a party, preferably not all at once.

I was flattered that he noticed my passions regarding these topics and further touched that he thought I could offer something for people with similar interests—he was half right.  I have received 1 comment from my writing, which began in the summer of 2007!  (Confession:  I stopped writing completely for a long stretch of time, all of 2008).   I receive additional encouragement from son#2 (he reads each new entry) and my husband who always encourages me  no matter what I might tackle.  I believe part of the reason I’ve not gained many readers, besides the fact that if you’re like me you barely have time to answer your own email let alone comment on some web blog, is my inconsistency in posting to the site.

That said  I have been perusing other websites that blog about similar topics.  I could easily be depressed that my site isn’t any where near as entertaining, picture laden or cleverly written as some I’ve looked at but while reading through the archives of a particularly wonderful site by the name of The Inspired Room I read where Melissa, the talented author of this site, had a similar experience when she embarked on the adventure of blogging.

So, I’ve decided that if for no other reason than to journal my thoughts and ideas about the 3 topics I’m most passionate about, Garden, Home & Party, I’ll continue.  I won’t look for gold stars of recognition; I’ll do this just for me!

If you stumble upon my site and have questions, suggestions or comments, I welcome them.  I’m new to this and would love any advice you might wish to share.