Cottage Living Magazine

Since I hope to begin blogging with more regularity, up until now I’ve been blogging very sporadically,  I spent some time visiting other blog sites to see what kinds of things my peers write about.

Cottage Style Kitchen

I confess I first visited the sites I already know and love such as Pioneer Woman (now a celebrity in her own right and deservedly so) and The Inspired Room (one of the design team-members working with PW’s friend Hyacinth on her family room redo).  During a recent visit to 4-5 sites I realized that part of what I enjoy about my visits to the world of blogging is hearing some of the personal details about these amazing women’s lives.

I think it is in our nature to want to know there are people out there that share our ideas, dreams, tastes, etc.  Call it validation.  So, when we read that someone we admire and share ideas with has a day when they don’t get around to cleaning a bathroom, or laundry has piled up in spite of their usual penchant for organization, we smile and feel better about our own lapses, but we also connect with them on a personal level.  They (the blogger) start to feel like a friend…without the lunch dates and gossip!

My Secret Garden

I believe I have some good ideas to share with you regarding gardens (planting tips, maintenance ideas, plants to buy, suggestions for getting rid of unwelcome critters in an Eco friendly way), cooking/entertaining (table settings, recipes that are ‘entertaining’ friendly, in many cases do-ahead and easy) and home design (creating a comfortable and attractive home that reflects what you love, who you are, where you’ve been and the seasons).  I will include some pictures of my own ‘cottage’ (as my husband and I refer to our cozy 1,700 square foot  home).

Angel in the Garden

I hope you will take time to comment and share some of your thoughts as I embark on my journey of talking about my favorite topics:  Garden, Home and Party.