I’m beginning to sound like my eyes are bad with my overuse of the word focus —well actually, I do need readers, but that’s another story.

Library - the heart of the home

Being new to this blogging business I’ve been shopping other blog sites, not to copy but to figure out a direction for my scattered thoughts.  When you have 3 distinct “favorite areas of interest” it can cause overload.  Yet they (areas of interest) are so well intertwined—HOME for most of us applies to indoor as well as outdoor space and it seems natural to want to entertain family and friends in these spaces.

Garden Rooms

That said, one of the things that has hit home is being true to your own self no matter what your area of passion.  I realize that some of you might be saying, “Look, if I knew what my own taste was I wouldn’t be wasting my time reading what you have to say!”  I recognize we are all looking for ideas and inspiration to help us make our home life  more beautiful, enjoyable and comfortable.

Outdoor Living Space

My experience when pondering any task (such as determining how to manage the decorating, gardening or entertaining problem of the moment) is to divide and conquer.  Think about what your first priority might be, at least for now. (Priorities are always changing, right?).  Are you hoping to create a beautiful garden where you can relax and enjoy the upcoming season?  Wanting to revamp a room in your home that is in need of a face lift or a total redo?  Have a fabulous wedding/baby shower or party for family/friends on the calendar and need some wonderful recipes for the party?

Start with a notepad, pen and maybe a stack of nesting magazines. OR, maybe you don’t need the magazines—you can visit some of the wonderful blog sites for this sort of thing—and prioritize.  Include your ideas for for what ever you are desiring.  Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step.  I’ll talk about each of the above mentioned topics over the next several days, weeks, months and I hope I can be of some help.

All images courtesy of my favorite magazine (which is no longer publishing) Southern Accents.