I have a confession to make, my first post for Garden, Home and Party was in June 2007.  As you may have read in a recent post I was uncertain about the direction I wanted to head in with the site.  Although the name of my site sums up my passions I was brand-spanking new to this form of expression and not yet confident that anyone would care what I thought about gardening, decorating my home (and home life in general) and party—entertaining and all of the fun associated with that (cooking, table settings, recipes).

Gardening is a passion, I find it to be so relaxing.

As you will notice if you visit my “archives” (some of which seem to be missing, I will have to consult my IT guy-son #2), I was sporadic at best and downright absent from posting for many months.  Then I discovered, quite by accident, Pioneer Woman’s website.  I was hooked on her entertaining style of writing.  Sharing stories of her life on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma with 4 kids and a wonderful husband.  From her site I followed links to other sites that were inspiring {The Lettered Cottage, The Inspired Room and Holly Mathis Interiors}.

My heart sings when I can relax with a stack of "nesting" magazines or embark on a new project for my home.

I realize that I will never have the following of fans Dee Rummond (PW) has but I can follow her lead and be inspired by her “journaling” (PW explained that she started her site as a means to keep her mom up to date with pictures and activities at the ranch).   I can journal my  passion for Garden, Home and Party.

There is nothing like entertaining friends and family in our home.

New to me is the site French Kissed.  I love visiting her site.  Her philosophy says it all, “French Kissed is a design philosophy for people with big ideas and small budgets.  Adherence to its principals produces proof positive that we do not have to be wealthy to live richly.”

Antique Staffordshire figurines add a charming touch to any home.

If you are passionate about your home take some time to visit some of the sites out there, there are some incredibly talented folks offering all of us their ideas for creating a beautiful life using more creativity then $$$.

Welcome to my cottage! {I'm just kidding!}

Share some of your findings with me.  I’d love to hear from you.