As you may have gathered, we live in a cottage.  We love small spaces and it works for us.  It certainly keeps us on top of the weeding out what we don’t use game.  And because we have a small house we have a relatively small yard.  I should mention that I know this isn’t the case in all regions of the U.S. but in California, where real estate is always at a premium, this is often the standard.

In small spaces some plants aren't able to hold their own year round.

So my dilemma has become…should I get rid of the few plants that haven’t been living up to their end of the bargain?   I hate to be heartless and cruel but there are several plants in my yard that just don’t look very good and because of their close proximity to the house (i.e. small yard, etc.) they are highly visible.

This white bower vine was pretty last year. This spring, due to the rains we had, it looks like it doesn't have enough leaves.

I am going to replace them with a new player (as in sports team language).  If a plant/team member isn’t doing what it takes to make a pretty yard/winning team then I’m forced to make a change!

This corner has struggled due to the shade. Tree trimming is necessary before next fall!

Am I being heartless?  What do you do when a plant is struggling and you’ve nursed it and it still looks pitiful?

When there is limited space you want all of the plants to look good all of the time, is this too much to ask...probably!

I hope to plant a rosemary near this bed, the old one outgrew its location.

What do you do when plants begin to look like they aren’t happy where they are planted?  Do you have a solution?  I’d love to hear from you.