Because its Friday and we’re headed into the weekend I thought we all might want to work on our respective “list of things to do”—even if #1 on the list is 1.  RELAX!  Here is what has been on my mind/list and I hope to get a DIY project done this weekend.  I’ll keep it (the project) a secret in case it doesn’t turn out and I can just casually say, “Oh, my DIY?  No, I ended up relaxing all weekend.” 🙂
Happy Weekend and enjoy!

I’m an avid list maker—I often have more lists than I can keep track of.  That pretty much defeats the purpose of a list, right?  Originally my list making was strictly of the variety commonly known as “Things to Do” list.  But over time I have started making lists of  home improvements, reference list (such as blog sites that have tutorials that may come in handy in the future), blog sites I love to visit list, and things we’ve done to our home list.

The prettier the paper for making a list the happier I am.

What I discovered is that lists, in addition to bringing order to chaos {when you actually fulfill your list}, can be a journal of sorts.  When I review my lists they help me recall what I’ve been doing.

Finding a mirror where this framed picture is hanging is on my "dream" list of future home improvement projects.

This comes in handy where our home is concerned.  In fact, I discovered that if a home-improvement project makes it to the “things I’d like to do to the house” list there is a pretty good chance that even some of the larger projects will get done sooner rather than later.  Is it that whole “positive thoughts produce positive results” thing?

Okay, I realize I don't have this view but one of the things on my list for a few years has been to create a stone pad in our backyard...we have a natural canopy of ficus trees that would be the perfect spot to have some comfy chairs.

Another thing on my list is finding a fountain that cascades the water instead of sounding like someone using the restroom (if you know what I mean).

I also found that the list of “things we bought/done to the house” serves me well when it comes to things like—why does this sofa fabric look so worn?  Oh it might be because its been 10 years since we’ve reupholstered!  Time does fly and we often forget that it was some time ago that we replaced/repaired something in the home.

This is inspiration for my "remodel the guest bath" list. It may be awhile but having it on the list helps.

I believe lists help me feel less stressed about the things I’d like to accomplish.  I do believe my list, where my home is concerned, is an unending list!  What’s on your list to do to your home this year?