For those of you who have read my site, thank you Carla, Linda, Cayley, Darlene  and Helen, you may know that my inspiration for starting Garden, Home and Party was the compliment and prompting by Son #1 and the ongoing encouragement of Son #2 and hubby.

I posted this recipe for my 'favorite recipe for English Scones', but my photo doesn't do these sweet, buttery scones justice.

Best Scones recipe HERE

That said, it’s been so much fun writing about the decor of various rooms in the house (any house), the maintenance and planting of my garden and the entertaining aspect—preparing recipes and setting tables, that I guess I’ve not posted as much about cooking/recipes as I thought I would.

Rooms draw my attention, sometimes more than food!

So it was with some interest when Son #2 commented on a recent post that he thought I should blog more recipes.  It could be a ‘guy’ thing.  Food is infinitely more interesting to the men in my life than the decor of our home, or any home for that matter.  Since I take terrible food pictures he suggested that:  a) I work on my food photography and b) link to recipes that I’ve found and tried from other sites.

So here goes:

One of my favorite sites for delicious and sometimes easy recipes is Pioneer Woman.  The other day she had a recipe called Grilled Chicken with Lemon-Basil Pasta.  We had a dear friend over last evening for dinner and I prepared this recipe.  It was a hit and very easy.  I prepared warm baguette with butter and a spinach salad for the sides.  Hubby grilled the chicken and the pasta came together easy-peasy.  Please click on the link below to view the incredible pictures of each and every step of the recipe.  You will love this site and I’m sure you will enjoy this recipe.