For a home to hold great appeal and interest for me it has to have a personality.  In fact, my friend Linda recently read a quote from a designer, “I like to surround myself with things I love because I feel that my home is like a scrapbook of my life”.  This sums it up nicely.  That is where the personality of a home comes in.  When done well, a home reads like a scrapbook of where someone has been, their interests, their history and their pursuits.

1 - splendid sass paintings and silver{source}

I’ve lectured posted on this topic before {HERE and HERE}, but I think we’re currently in the midst of a design trend that embraces the use of reclaimed, recycled and antique (previously owned) pieces and I couldn’t be happier for it.  For me personally, it’s the ideal way to go ‘green’.

2-simple accessorizing3-decorating with collectables griege{source}

Some of the treasures we love to accessorize with have gotten pricey, even when you can find it on eBay, but if you’re lucky, you have a few items handed down through family.  Those are my favorites, although I’m not opposed to adding to the collection by a decade long search of each antique shop or thrift store I encounter on vacations.

Notice the wallpaper (below)…it looks to be antique newsprint, and that mirror, I can only imagine those that stole a glance at themselves as they passed it in a hallway or bedroom!

4-eloquence inc griege{source}

5-beach chic90design chic 1.22.13{source}

My father-in-law left us his binoculars in their original black leather case, the smaller pair were from a friend of my mother’s.  All rest on the antique French coat rack in our hallway…at the ready for bird watching {joke}.

Karen's binoculars

I believe furniture made from reclaimed woods can be found for reasonable prices, but I’ve seen some that out pace an antique, pricing wise.

bathroom splendid sass{I think the above image is Restoration Hardware, but the antique prints make the wall sconces, mirrors, hanging light and vanity all look vintage or antique}

cote de texas amy howard{Amy Howard via Cote de Texas}

9-if i forget thee1, tumblr10-tortoise-shell-boxes-l{tumblr}

11-tumblr nellyuniquetime{tumblr}

12-tumblr that inspirational g.{tumblr}

13-wasping through the countryside{tumblr

A closing post of a much loved blog site, Henhurst Interiors, 2.7.13 featured this quote “People who collect out of love are exempt from the dictates that govern traditional design, for there are no rules for true lovers.” – Rose Tarlow in The Private House  Phyllis, we’ll miss you, I hope you will return to your blog sometime in the not too distant future.