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I first met this cottage (okay, I know you can’t really meet a home, but I feel you can make a connection with certain houses and/or rooms) when I opened the November 2004 issue of Cottage Living Magazine (which has ceased to exist {sad}).

This is the dining room that captured my attention in Cottage Living Magazine. Since the addition it looks as though the dining room is in a new location in the home.

From the first page of the feature on the Laguna Beach cottage I knew it was love.  As it turns out this cottage is not very far from where I live.  It’s located in Laguna Beach; I live in Irvine—a short drive from this coastal slice of paradise.


The cottage is owned by Randy Boyd, a designer who has a rich family history tied to Laguna Beach.

This is the cover of Cottage Living Magazine—the warmth of this room won my heart!

You can visit Thurston / Boyd Interior Design website HERE which features their work.  But its Randy Boyd’s 1930s, shingle-clad cottage that is charming beyond words, with a comfortable and inviting sophistication that has captured my heart.

I even love the car in the driveway!

This is the living room before the remodel.

“Ocean Peek” as Boyd named it, is now 1,5__ square feet but the Cottage White walls and exposed beam ceiling make the home appear larger than it is.  The house, when it appeared in Cottage Living Magazine was only 970 square feet.  Romantic Homes Magazine, November 2009 features the remodeled, enlarged home.

Master Bedroom

One of my favorite features of the Cottage Living piece was the original dining room off the patio and had ceiling to floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.  Boyd uses antiques but there is a relaxed, traditional ambiance about the rooms, nothing stuffy.  The use of lanterns was inspired.