If you’ve followed me for awhile you will remember that I’ve participated in Favorites on the First over at The Polohouse, several times [HERE] and [HERE].   I love Alison’s style and her “favorites” series often gives me ideas for my own blog posts.

The little pewter container below was given to me by my good friend Gretchen, the detailing (which you can’t really see in this picture) is really nice. (Thank you, Gretchen!)

9.9.12 Dining rm side table accessories-pm

This month Alison is featuring containers.  It’s pretty much opened to any container, vase, jars, urns, pitchers, you name it.  I really loved the idea of finding images that gave me ideas for using containers of all kind.  So, here goes.  I hope you’ll stop by The Polohouse and see what others came up with too!

The kitchen below is one of Charles Faudree’s homes. I’m not sure which one but I remember the story of antique piece above the island.  What a great container, I’d be curious what it’s real purpose was.  As I recall, Mr. Faudree didn’t know it’s use either, but liked it and made it work for more than one of his kitchens.

charles faudree kitchenSince this post is about containers, with no specifics, I’ve pretty much pulled images from my home, as well as  those I’ve admired, and have any and all kinds of containers.

Below is my reading room…that is my “reading” chair.  I waste spend  hours sitting here reading magazines and books, sipping tea, making notes as I think of something I need to do.


containers, greige 2011{greige}

Our antique china cupboard is a great container…a basket (contains my chargers) and a footbath (filled with nature’s air filter) on top.  Is this a stretch on the whole container post?

Garden, Home and PartyDan Marty old 4Dan Marty is king of great containers! (above)

green apples styling 4

{An Urban Cottage} —thanks, Joan for giving me the source.

Don’t you love the vibrant color of granny smith apples?  Nature really does offer decorator accessories of all colors, found at your local market.

greige1.28.11 breakfront, containerSuch a great cabinet.  I especially like the white painted shelves in contrast to the black finish on the cupboard, married with fabulous pewter, so pretty.

KB 5-12 kitchen shelf above deskThis little footed bowl from PB has a sweet saying around the band at the top, something about family.  The boxwood is fake and needs to be replaced with a preserved version (true confession #1).

Again, nature’s prettiest flower (behind peonies and hydrangea) make the vessel shine on the shelf.

peeking thru the sunflowers 1.17.13{via}

I bought a couple of these to serve water from when we enjoy a meal in the dining room.  The aqua colored glass pieces are particularly pretty.  Mine are clear glass but they work really well to keep my guests hydrated during a meal.

tumblr containers This Ivy House{tumblr – This Ivy House}

Be still my heart…I’d love the painting and the fabulous blue and white “containers” with an array of flowers.

tumblr the fuller view{tumblr – The Fuller View}

tumblr the fuller view1{tumblr – The Fuller View}

So I hope you’ve enjoyed my interpretation of the best containers.  stop by the Polohouse to see what others came up with.

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